DECARBONIZATION Realising a decarbonised society, HUMAN Pursuit of human comfort, WELLNESS Improving wellness in the built environment

We cross disciplines and study the built environment.

We are conducting research to realize a decarbonized society that is both energy efficient and comfortable,
and to ensure that all people lead healthy lives, both physically and mentally.

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Shin-ichi Tanabe


Professor, Department of Architecture, Waseda University
Dean of Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society (ACROSS)

To realise a carbon-neutral society, it is necessary to consider not only net zero energy during operation, such as ZEB and ZEH (Net Zero Energy Building/House), but also the life cycle, such as embodied carbon. Furthermore, human comfort and welllness must also be enhanced. Architectural Environmental Engineering is a discipline that explores such matters.

  • Books by Shin-ichi Tanabe

    His publications include “Human Thermal Comfort Modelling” and “Creating the Productive Workplace”.

  • There are 21 teachers and researchers in our laboratory.

    • Masanari Ukai (Assistant Professor)
    • Yuta Fukawa (Assistant Professor)
    • Soma Sugano (Assistant Professor)

    It also has 18 in Adjunct Researchers and one Personal Assistant.
    There are 6 Ph.D. students, 27 Master's students and 12 Bachelor's students.

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Hikari Ryuzaki (Master's Student, Tanabe Laboratory)

I joined the Tanabe Laboratory because I was interested in comfortable built environments. For my graduation thesis, I focused on the comfort of semi-outdoor spaces and conducted subject experiments on the university campus. I received a lot of help from senior members of my research group, from setting up the experiment to analysing it, and in the end I was awarded the SHASE Promotion Student Award.
In addition, the Tanabe laboratory has a very good rapport between senior and junior students. Recently, we have been having more drinking parties and going out for fun with members of the laboratory. I feel that I am able to do my best in my research because I have a fulfilling and enjoyable life outside of research.